Top Golf planned for Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood

The site of the old Nabisco plant was a landmark in Northeast Philadelphia. Baking operations ended about 4 years ago but now a company is cooking up plans for an entertainment complex to go up in its place.

"I think it's a good thing to bring to Somerton," said Mike Nocitra. He heard about plans to bring the entertainment complex Top Golf to the area when he attended a Somerton Civic Association meeting last week. He's lived in the Somerton area of Northeast Philly for 25 years and is pretty excited about what the new development will bring.

"I think it's a good thing for the community to add some new jobs," he said.

Provco, the company that now owns the site and is developing the golf-themed venue, gave us plans of the site. Michael Cooley, the Vice President of Real Estate Development tells me the facility will be 3- stories, 65,000 square feet with 102 hitting bays facing a 300-yard open field to hit golf balls into. Nocitra says he has just one concern.

"When you talk about a venue that large with that much impact to the community I think people get concerned about the traffic," said Nocitra. Others we talked to hope top golf will continue a revitalization of the area. The same company brought a super Wawa to the property three months ago.

"I feel like having something really nice and memorable to people will like make us look better, "said Gianna Desiato. Dan Pierre works close to the site and says with the Boulevard, Woodhaven and 95 all right here the place will be easily accessible.

"It would probably bring up the area give us a little something more in the Northeast to do. I'm pretty sure we could add another happy hour place up here," he said.

Developers say this will create 700 to 1,000 jobs. The venue will also have a full restaurant and other games. It could open in the spring of 2021.