Two pet parrots stolen from Northeast Philadelphia home

It's the sound a Northeast Philly family is worried they'll never hear again. They came home Friday evening to find an empty bird cage and Sunny and Sunkist were gone.

"It took a couple minutes for him to realize. We were looking around at what was going on and then he was like oh my god the birds," said Robyn Zavodnick. Her husband first noticed their precious parrots were missing. A clue confirmed it.

"One feather, so the person who came whoever it was either took a blanket or towel or knew that that's what they were coming for," said Robyn. She says they suspected right away the house had been burglarized.

"This door behind me was open a little bit, downstairs where you came in was a little bit open and the back door was a little bit open." But she never suspected Sunny and Sunkist would be the target.

"We left them in the cage right behind you. They were happy, fed with water, playing with each other and came home and they were just gone," she said. Robyn reported the missing parrots to police who don't know what to make of it.

"She did say in the summertime she does put them outside to get air so people do know that she had them. So obviously we are trying to figure out why someone would take her parrots," said Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum with Northeast Detectives. They've had Sunny the yellow parrot about four years. She's over 30 years old. Sunkist they got last November. The hardest part of it all...

"I was freaking out. I was upset and then to tell our children. We have a 15 and 8-year old. The 8-year old is still crying over it. It's hard," said Robyn.

Police say there isn't a black market for parrots but they've been checking pet stores to see if anyone has tried to sell them. Meanwhile, the thief only took other random items. Nothing of any real value.