Video circulates on social media showing high school basketball team using racial slurs

A local high school girls' basketball team was caught on camera using racial slurs on their team bus. Some of its star players and the coach are suspended.

Pope John Paul II High School started a new week after a weekend of controversy swirling around a video posted on social media by a member of its girls' varsity basketball team that included racially- offensive lyrics from a popular rap song.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia found it violated its policy of acceptable use of technology and determined that each player in the video on the team bus and their head coach serve a one-game suspension. They all missed Saturday's playoffs semi-finals.

Marlene Wood says she's not surprised and that she tried to head off what she says were problems brewing over the past couple of years.

In 2017, a group of students was disciplined after posting a racially-charged video with offensive language.

Wood claims her granddaughter was mistreated by the same coach now suspended. She was the only African American player on the girls' basketball team.

"My granddaughter felt like she didn't belong and I have a problem with that," she explained.

In that case, the archdiocese determined there was no discrimination against Wood's granddaughter. She since left the team.