Video shows officer pulling gun on teen when breaking up fight in Norristown

A video went viral after an officer pulled his gun when he was trying to break up a fight between two girls on 500 block of West Lafayette in Norristown. An investigation is underway.

It happened Monday afternoon.

The video starts with officers attempting to break up a fight between two girls. One officer can be heard threatening to strike a girl if she doesn't release her grip. As the other officer pulls one of the girls away, a young man approaches and an officer pulls his gun, according to the video.

Norristown Police Chief Mark Talbot says, "I think that the use of force is never pretty and this is no different."

He says it was his city council president who sent him the video Monday evening. Since then, he says he's alerted the NAACP, a department advisory panel and will ask the Montgomery County DA to weigh in on the use of force.

Chief Talbot backs his officers and says, "We did get everybody home safely, nobody got hurt here at the hands of police."

But it's the image of the officer pulling his weapon on a teenager that has some in this community of 35,000 angry.

An eyewitness says he saw the cop pull his gun told the boy to get back.

He said that if he saw an officer pull his gun he would assume the boy would be shot. The man says it was his brother who was ordered back at gunpoint believes the cop should have drawn his taser instead.

But a security consultant, who viewed the video for FOX 29, says the officer was vulnerable to being struck and drawing his weapon--with is only free hand--was proper.

The police chief says the probe of the incident will be independent of his force.