Video shows officer throwing woman to the ground during arrest

A video shows a Philadelphia highway patrol officer arresting a woman, then throwing her to the ground.

According to the video, a young woman is handcuffed with a police officer from Highway Patrol Division standing behind her.

She swears, demands he "get off her" and threatens to spit on him. That's when the video shows the officer using one hand to grab her by the hair while the other and his feet to take her to the street.

Francisco Harris shot the video Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m. at the corner of Daulphin and Colorado.

The owner of the van says it was all mistake. He says his van was stolen last month when he was robbed at gunpoint.

He claims he found it and told the police offering a number as proof of his report to the department. He believes the vehicle was never taken from the stolen vehicle list because he says he's been stopped repeatedly.

The owner also claims Highway Patrol approached the van believing it was stolen and cuffed the woman in the vehicle apparently thinking she was involved when she clearly wasn't.

There is an internal investigation underway.