Video shows school bus running stop sign outside elementary school

A four-second video is circulating on Facebook across Gloucester County shows a Gateway Regional High School bus running a stop sign.

Jill Marino says she recorded the video on Monday afternoon at Birch and High Streets, right outside Parkview Elementary School, just ten days after calling Gateway Regional to complain about the issue.

She says she witnessed it happen several times over the past six months while waiting for her son's school to let out.

"You should absolutely know better than to blow through any intersection, Ten minutes prior to our kids coming out of that school, people pulling up, and parking," she says. "This woman is compromising the safety of our kids and that's just unacceptable."

Marino says she did not hear back from the school until after she posted the video on social media. She says school officials told her there were children on board the bus at the time she recorded the video.

"There are kids on there, are you kidding me?" she says.

"Immediately, I was very taken aback and upset because it's right at the crosswalk," says Debra Melson, a Gateway parent who also saw the video. "If that was me, as a parent, with my child on that bus, I would want something serious to be done right away."

Gateway Regional High School would not confirm to FOX 29 if there were students on the bus.

In a statement, Donna Contrevo, School Business Administrator, said:

"Although it is being reported that this has been an ongoing issue, the matter was just recently brought to the attention of the transportation supervisor and was addressed. It was subsequently brought to the attention of upper administration. We are unable to discuss personnel matters but feel that the issue has been resolved following district policy. We take matters of this nature very seriously. It is our mission to provide a safe and healthy learning environment in which our students always come first."

Westville police say they also met with school administrators about the video on Tuesday morning. They are now conducting their own investigation.