Warming up your cold car may cost you in New Jersey

Warming up your cold car on a chilly day may cost you in New Jersey.

FOX 29's Dave Kinchen reports.

Jamil Atkinson was shocked to learn of a New Jersey state law that limits vehicle idling to three minutes in most cases. Otherwise, you could be hit with a $100 ticket.

"Definitely takes longer than three minutes to warm up a car. I would say about 7 to 10 minutes to warm up a car. Maybe 15 you know?" he said.

Is it actually enforced?

"Believe it or not I think the officers show a lot of restraint and we'd rather educate the public then issue a summons," Camden County Police Chief Paul Daily said.

The chief says you can stay with your car and do other things while it's warming up to avoid long time idling.

"Maybe sit inside the car and, take some time maybe get the old scraper out yourself, scrape off the windshield, clear the top of your car, especially your roof so when you're driving down the road hunks of snow and ice aren't blowing off," Chief Daily said.