WATCH: Military couple's heartwarming reunion will bring you to tears

A military couple saw each other for the first time in eight months. The heartwarming reunion will bring you to tears.

Jordan Pruitt, a US Army Medical Specialist Corps officer, got quite a surprise at the end of his classroom training on Jan. 14.

The US Army Medical Department Center and School Health Readiness Center of Excellence (AMEDDCS HRCoE) shared footage on their Facebook page of Officer Pruitt being reunited with his wife, Second Lieutenant Jamie Douglas, a Medical Platoon Leader/ Squadron Medical Officer. Douglas had been on an eight-month deployment to Iraq and surprised her husband who was wrapping up a class for his physical therapy doctorate program.

Douglas walks into the classroom asking, "Is there a Jordan Pruitt here?" Pruitt jumps out of his chair and the two share an emotional embrace before the room erupts in applause.