West Chester waiter accused of altering customer's tip

A West Chester waiter is accused of altering a customer's tip.

"Oh, it surprises me tremendously because I never check," said Phil Dennis out for dinner tonight in West Chester. He admitted doing something many of us do.

"I put a number down and I just assume that at the end that's what it's going to be so if somebody changes it I would never know," he said.

Police say 28-year-old Matthew Wanner altered the tip amount a customer left on their bill. Wanner was a waiter at a restaurant on East Gay Street in West Chester when it happened in October of last year. Police say the customer told the owner of the restaurant after figuring out what happened.

Police did not say which restaurant it happened at or how long after the customer noticed the tip had been changed.

Gay Street is somewhat of a restaurant row in West Chester and on a Friday night there were plenty of people dining out to talk to about what happened.

"I'm very surprised. My son works as a waiter at a restaurant, I can't imagine," said Mary Kay Gormley

She and two other ladies who were headed for a bite to eat. Only one of them said they check their bank and credit card statements to make sure their bill especially the tip matches what they signed off to pay.

"People don't get paper receipts anymore, paper statements. You can check online though. I check online all the time to make sure," said Karen Vico.

"I wouldn't have thought about it no. I wouldn't have checked after I ate at a restaurant no I would have. Just innocence I guess," said Marea Gallagher.

But after hearing what happened Gormley says, "Right after dinner? I'm going to be checking it tonight."

Police haven't said whether there may be more victims aside from the October incident. Wanner was arrested last Friday and charged with theft and forgery.