Rodgers: Sixers limping into playoffs, literally and figuratively

There's no question this has been an exciting Sixers team to watch this year. But, with just three games to go before the playoffs, who knows which version of the Sixers we are going to see in the postseason?

Let's look back to last year before the playoffs. The Sixers won 16 straight games. They had incredible momentum heading into that first series with the Heat.

But now? This year? The Sixers are limping in--literally--going into Thursday's game against the Bucks. The first place Bucks and a potential match-up for the Eastern Conference Finals.

The injury report was not encouraging with Jimmy Butler out, James Ennis out for at least two weeks and Joel Embiid? He played but looked like he rolled his ankle in the game.

Last year's Sixers team went on a run, even without Embiid, but that starting five had experience together.

This starting five? The team says they want more time to work on chemistry, but they don't have time if guys keep missing games.

Last year the Sixers rode momentum. This year?

I'm concerned the team won't be able to flip a switch and make the Eastern Conference Finals, which as Josh Harris said, would be problematic.

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