$1 million winning lottery ticket sold at beer store in Folsom

Friday night's Mega Millions lottery drawing may bring a jackpot approaching a billion dollars. No one claimed the top prize in Tuesday night's drawing, but a $1 million winner was sold at a beer store in Folsom, Delaware County.

Jae Kwak runs E-Z Beverage Mart on MacDade Boulevard. He says a local woman--a regular lottery player--bought the winning ticket around 7:30 p.m.Tuesday night and came back Wednesday afternoon to verify her victory.

"She knew she won, so she tried to make sure. Whether she won or not. I ask her, 'You were the winner?' 'Yeah, we are the winner," he said.

The woman correctly called the five Mega Millions numbers. Correctly naming the the Mega Ball number would have brought her more than $600 million. Kwak picks up $5,000 as his bonus for selling the winner.

A store in Levittown, Bucks County also sold a $1 million winning ticket.