7-Eleven employee shot in early morning robbery

Police are looking for two men after a Tacony convenience store was robbed at gunpoint, early Tuesday morning, and one of the employees there was shot.

They say the two men walked into the 7-Eleven in the 6900 block of Torresdale Avenue just after 4am.

There were no customers inside - only two workers.

According to police, the gunman walked in and announced a robbery. His lookout waited outside.

The robber pulled out a gun and ordered the employees to open the cash register.

One worker did so. The second -- a 52-year-old man -- was not able to.

The robber got angry, fired his gun and hit the worker in his upper right arm. He's in stable condition.

Then, the robber fired a second shot into the ceiling.

That's when the lookout heard and went in. The gunman threw money in duffel bag, and the pair got away eastbound on Disston Street.

The gunman is described as wearing all black, meaning a black mask, black pants, a black hooded sweatshirt, and even armed with a black handgun.

The suspected lookout was also wearing a black mask, black pants, a black hooded sweatshirt, and carrying a gray or greenish duffel or school bag.

Earlier, police said they found one person of interest on top of a nearby building. They have not revealed which suspect it could be, nor anything else about that person.

Nobody other than that second employee was hurt.

7-Elevens do tend to have surveillance cameras, but no pictures nor video have been released.