'A nightmare': Family addresses disappearance of 25-year-old Stephanie Parze

Stephanie Parze, a Monmouth county resident, disappeared a month ago after a night out with her sisters. Since then, she has been missing without a trace.

Her family joined Good Day Philadelphia to ask the public for their help in finding their daughter.

On Oct. 30, Stephanie went out with family in New Brunswick that evening. They made a stop at her parents’ house before returning home at 10 p.m.

The next morning, her family was unable to reach her and immediately knew something wasn’t right. Her mother Sharlene drove to Stephanie’s home to check on her.

When she arrived, she found Stephanie’s car and cell phone but no sign of her daughter.

Later, they learned that Stephanie, who worked as a nanny, never showed up for work that day.

Police named Stephanie's ex-boyfriend a person of interest in her disappearance. In September, Stephanie had accused him of assaulting her.

The night before her disappearance, authorities say her ex-boyfriend sent her at least 10 angry and profanity-laced messages in a span of nine minutes.

On November 22nd, her ex-boyfriend took his own life shortly after he was released from prison on charges related to child pornography. 

Ed and Sharlene Parze as well as Stephanie’s sisters joined Mike and Alex to discuss her disappearance.

The Parzes explained that Stephanie had only recently begun seeing her ex-boyfriend. He had a history of abusing Stephanie to the point that her father had to come help. 

"I had to pick her up, she was running down the street," Ed Parze told FOX 29. 

"We're just trying to keep her picture out there and let people obviously know we're obviously looking for her," her father added. "It's a big area, she could be anywhere."

Her family has been organizing searches with the help of volunteers in hopes of finding Stephanie. However, her parents said that even though the support has been wonderful it has been difficult not knowing where she is. 

"It's been horrific. It's been a nightmare," Sharlene explained. "Just waiting to wake up from it and to see our daughter again."

FOX 29 reached out to the Monmouth county prosecutor's office regarding Stephanie’s case and they released this statement:

"The case is still active and ongoing. Her parents have organized several search parties. We have conducted various searches in New York and New Jersey. The fact that her ex-boyfriend took his life does not affect our efforts to locate Stephanie."

Stephanie was last seen wearing blue jeans, a burgundy v-neck shirt, and a burgundy sweater. 

There's a $10,000 award being offered for any information about Stephanie's whereabouts.

Anyone with information is asked to please call 732-431-7160, ext. 7032 or 732-462-7908.