Authorities investigating police impersonator in Bucks County

Authorities are investigating an incident involving an alleged police impersonator in Bucks County.

Around 10:30 p.m. on Friday, a 45-year-old woman was reportedly pulled over by the suspect on Lincoln Highway and directed to pull into the parking lot of Honey Baked Ham in Fairless Hills.

Police say the suspect, a white man in his 30s to early-40s, was driving an older model Ford Crown Victoria sedan that was black or dark blue in color with red and blue lights placed inside the dash.

Police describe the suspect as "dirty in apperance" with two or three days' worth of facial hair growth who had body odor, as well as the odor of smoke and alcohol on him. He also reportedly has scruffy hair and spoke with a Philadelphia or New York accent.

Officials say the suspect was not in uniform, though he may have had a plastic type of badge on him.

According to police, the suspect obtained the woman's identification as if he were conducting a traffic stop. The woman reportedly protested after being directed to exit her vehicle and began to suspect that suspect was not actually a police officer. The suspect ultimately returned her ID and she drove off.

The Falls Township Police Department confirmed that the suspect and vehicle were not connected with legitimate law enforcement.

Anyone who observes the suspect and/or vehicle, or has experienced a similar incident, is urged to contact the Falls Township Police Department at 215-945-3100.

The department is reminding residents that it does not use unmarked patrol vehicles for traffic enforcement and all traffic enforcement officers are dressed in full police uniform.

If any driver is stopped by an unmarked patrol vehicle, they can call 911 to speak directly to dispatchers at Bucks County Radio to determine if the officer is legitimate. If the driver does not have a cell phone, police recommend that they stop in a well lit, populated area. The driver may then ask for a marked unit to respond to the scene if they question the legitimacy of the traffic stop.