Before the freeze, Lehigh Valley area deals with snow and rain

Areas north and west of Philadelphia are really in the snow zone.

It started with some light snowflakes, but that changed quickly in the Lehigh Valley Saturday night. The snow started sticking on roads in Allentown. Many folks made sure they picked up what they needed prior to the snow falling.

"Stocking up for the storm. Got batteries and food and comfort food and soda," Joanne Sora said.

Priorities were different, for some people.

"Adult priorities. You know, drop the kids off at a sleepover. Taking care of things that way," Adam Gannon explained.

A spokesperson for PennDOT says the Lehigh Valley has more than 200 trucks ready to tackle the storm with salt and plows. Drivers will rotate on 12-hour shifts until the storm has passed.

A commercial vehicle ban is underway on all interstates in the area.

"We're just going to sit around and hang out. Ride out the storm and see what happens from there," Todd Mills stated.

Drivers like Todd and Candice Mills with Peterson Transportation are stuck in the Lehigh Valley through, at least, Sunday.

"We don't really mind it. We make the best out of any situation we are in out here, so it's great," Candace Mills added.

They aren't the only ones embracing the weather. Two Allentown sisters were braving the cold and snow to sell cookies for their Girl Scout troop. They were dressed appropriately for the weather, unlike the owner of a nearby pizzeria.

"Shorts in the snow?" asked Fox 29's Kelly Rule.
"Shorts in the snow! I feel good. I'm relaxed, this is nothing," Joseph Rufino said.

While some find the snow harmless and fun, the big concern is Sunday's temperature drop and the potential for a dangerous freeze.

"I won't go out. We won't even walk the dog out of the yard if it's icy," Sora said.

Even Ruffino agrees and that's enough for him to stay home. Or, at least, be extra careful.

"The ice will be a concern on Monday, I can definitely say that, but I'll still be dressed like this, you know what I'm saying?" Ruffino added.