Bolt for Becky 5K in Mount Laurel benefits future paramedics and EMTs

The 3rd annual Bolt for Becky 5K, which benefits future paramedics and EMTs, will be held Sunday.

"Police officers that knew that Becky was coming on a crash and auto accident scene were happy because they knew that she was going to dive in and take care of things," said Bill Scott.

He lost his daughter Rebecca to breast cancer nearly 4 years ago. He knew exactly how he wanted to honor and remember her.

"Sunday is the 3rd annual Bolt for Becky 5K race benefit. Proceeds go to a paramedic science scholarship fund here at Rowan College at Burlington County," he said.

Becky was only 28 years old when she lost her battle with cancer but the impact she made in her short career was enormous.

"She was a dedicated individual, well-known and well-respected in her field for the brief time that she was a paramedic. She made a great impression on people hence the reason for this event," said Bill. So far the foundation started by Becky's father has helped 4 to 5 students continue her legacy by studying to become a paramedic.

"It was a wonderful thing. They have to do an essay and we picked the student that we feel most emulates Becky and her dedication to her job."

Bill says his daughter went through rounds of chemo, clinical trials and treatments but continued to work full-time as an EMT and paramedic. She just wanted to save lives and that's what people remember about her.

"Even paramedics that didn't know her heard of her so it's like people in the field are handing down her name and to the future of paramedics and EMTs," said Bill.

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