Bucks County women on alert after series of 'creepy' encounters

A series of 'creepy' encounters have women in Bucks County on alert.

"When I got out of the car and he was right in front of me," one woman said.

That man got a little too close to a Bristol mother this week outside a Tullytown Walmart. A story that's becoming an all too familiar. According to multiple women, the man claims he's from Virginia.

It turns out five other women, who we are not identifying, tell FOX 29 the exact same story. The man starts by asking where to buy cigarettes.

"Then, he starts asking about my children. This is where I get really freaked out because he's asking me about my kids, 'Do you have children?'" one woman said.

One woman snapped a picture of the car he was driving. The photo shows a black Acura SUV with New Jersey plates. Other women say it's the same guy in the same SUV.

Just hours after another woman posted on Facebook about her encounter at a Levittown Wawa, a flood of others posted.

One woman posted, "This guy approached me on 6 different occasions. Another said, "He approached me and my little sister."

All of the women FOX 29 spoke with filed police reports, though what the man is accused of doing may not be illegal.

"They are saying it's not a crime at this point because he's only coming up to you and only talking to you," one woman said.