Businessman loans private jet to help baby's cancer treatment

A Christmas miracle for a Louisiana family.

One stranger's act of kindness may prove life-saving.

The Self family needed to get to Baltimore, Maryland fast.

The trip is for their eight-month-old baby Jett, who is fighting for his life with a rare form of leukemia destroying his body from within.

Jett's mother Brittany says after multiple rounds of chemotherapy, it's been upsetting to not see their son go into remission.

Brittany Self said, "Multiple, multiple rounds of Chemo that makes him very sick, gives him mouth sores that makes it difficult for him to eat."

Renee Gardner, an attending physician, said, "This is very difficult to treat form of Leukemia. To see him not going into remission has been very difficult.

Doctors haven't given up hope and Jett was accepted into a trial treatment in Baltimore.

For the Louisiana family, the trip is too much as even the common cold could prove fatal for their son.

"We couldn't go commercial because his immune system is very low and being around the holiday public airports are so crowded. Just a simple common cold can be fatal for him," Brittany said.

That is when James Davison stepped in to offer his company's private jet to take the family for Jett's treatment.

James Davison said, "My Congressman Abraham called me and made me aware of it. We're happy to help this child at this time and where we're we can so we're glad to do it and we wish for good results for him."

The trial begins Monday.

The Selfs hope their Christmas miracle continues and Jett continues his fight.