Camden Rescue Mission hosts annual Christmas Party

Scores of Camden-area children waited for hours, anxious for some early Christmas cheer.

Inside of the Camden Rescue Mission, there were plenty of toys for those less fortunate this holiday season.

"I got this Mind Blowing Science thing and I got a Spiral Graph and I got Twister for my family, if they want to play," said one excited child.

Just some of the gifts newly acquired by members of the Olsgulby family who visited the Mission's annual Christmas Party for Children with their grandmother Robin.

"When I was sitting in the van, I was looking at all of the little babies that was coming out with the gifts and telling their mom, 'Look what I got!' Some that may be all that they get, so it's a blessing," said Robin

She says things can get a little tight this time of year, especially with 38 grandchildren.

"Sometimes they ask for things, if I can't get for them. Then people will help me get it," Robin explained.

For 30 years now, Reverend Al Stewart has hosted the annual Christmas party. This time around, the mission is expecting to host 6,000 children.

"It's a supernatural, international experience," Reverend Stewart stated. "We have kids from all over the city coming to worship and service and enjoy themselves."

The mission in Camden will be serving families in need through Christmas and they will be collecting toys through January 6. Anyone wishing to donate or get more information can do so by going to the Mission's website.