Caught on camera: Brawl breaks out at boys basketball game

An all-out brawl at an 8th grade boys basketball game at Pennsville Middle School was caught on camera.

The video shows a woman getting up from her seat and confronting a group of women sitting behind her from the opposing team. Next thing you know, the fists were flying.

It happened at the Salem County Rural Basketball League game between Pennsville and Salem last Tuesday.

At one point, you even see a player run off the court into the stands.

"I don't know if he was up there to defend his mom or what, but he's involved in this also," Pennsville Police Chief Allen Cummings said.

The most shocking was when a mom handed off her child to another woman who runs across the court and hands the baby to a player, according to the video.

"Right there, drops the child off on the bench and she runs across the court and assaults a woman from behind," Pennsville Police Chief Allen Cummings said.

The referee and others try to break it up, but the women keep swinging. The president of the Salem County Rural League says it's difficult to watch.

"Seeing it for the first time is pretty astonishing. It's a lot to take in,' President of Salem County Rural League Mike Ausland said.

Ausland says it's sad to see adults acting like this at a kids basketball game where the players are supposed to be learning teamwork and growing.

The four women are looking at possible aggravated assault and disorderly conduct charges. One of the players is also possibly looking at charges and that could happen as early as Wednesday. The league says any families or players involved in the fight will also face disciplinary action.