Caught on Camera: Man crashes into beer distributor, steals 2 beers

Police say a man crashed into a Newtown Square beer distributor and stole two beers.

Dramatic surveillance video caught a brazen burglar bashing his Ford SUV through the front of Newtown Square Beverage Wednesday around 4 a.m.

In the video, you see the man slam through the storefront on South Newtown Street. Police say the man was after one thing --beer-- two Bud Ices to be exact.

Co-owner Sam Patel is guessing since no place was open at that hour, the thirsty thief decided to bust his way in. You can see him reach right into the cooler for two cold ones.

Customers got a kick out of the brazen beer run.

There were some pretty pricey beers within reach, but this man was apparently after some cold brews that only cost several bucks a pop.

The cost to repair all this damage, the store's co-owner is thinking at least $15,000.