Center City restaurant warns others after they claim customer used counterfeit $100

Alice's Pizza in Center City is warning other businesses to take a close look at their customer's cash before forking over the change.

They tell FOX 29 a customer handed over a fake $100 bill on Tuesday night after they believe he methodically frazzled their young cashier by asking her a number of questions.

Assistant Manager Philip Serch says the employee quickly realized what happened but it was too late. The man walked off with $12 worth of pastries and more than $80 in change.

"Unfortunately, it's a little more professional of a crime than you would imagine," he says. "It's kind of sad that we have to watch who's paying and what they're paying with."

Serch says he can detect counterfeit money just by touching the bill and looking closely, but another common method is to use a counterfeit detection pen. However, this particular counterfeit bill passes the pen test.

"It looks like it's the right color and then it changes color about 30 minutes later," he says.

Alice's Pizza is now working with their bank on the situation, who will eventually file a counterfeit money report to send to the Secret Service.

The Philadelphia Field Office tells FOX 29 they have not see that yet. However, they say the district, which covers a large portion surrounding the city, sees anywhere between $45,000 and $50,000 in counterfeit currency weekly.

Serch says this type of crime hurts everyone.

"People don't think about it but these types of things cost everyone because it raises the costs."