Chester County community shocked over alleged bullying and death threats

A Chester County community is in shock over allegations of bullying and death threats in school. Many parents are concerned.

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If the Tredyffryn Easttown School Board directors thought a meeting on the alleged bullying Monday night would calm fears they appear to be mistaken.

"Are they angry this boy is back in class?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked. Activist and blogger Pattye Benson replied, "I think they are more afraid. The parents are concerned and don't understand."

The fear comes from anti-Semitic texts 12-year-old Nora Nissenbaum says she received from a 12-year-old boy at the middle school after telling him she was no longer interested in him.

Concerns were heightened when parents claim they learned the boy had allegedly threatened to shoot 33 students.

According to Nora's mom, the juvenile left school in early March, but was back several days later. While fear has made her keep her daughter home.

"We're looking to work with the school district and see if we can find a way to make the schools better and stronger to protest students," mom, Sandy Nissenbaum, said.

Nissenbaum says the district has focused on "hardening schools" to deter shooters not strengthening its policies.

There was no answer at the boy's home when FOX 29 knocked to speak to his parents. Police were quickly seen in the neighborhood.

Sources tell FOX 29 the dad is a prominent businessman well-known in town.

Meanwhile, the Chester County DA has what it calls a "juvenile referral" on the case after a police investigation and while there's talk of a new, stronger policy here Benson says she's hearing this: "Alarming that I as a parent would not have known. I should as a parent of a child not be the last one to figure out what's going on," Benson said.