China now has more recovered coronavirus patients than people still infected

 As COVID-19 widens its grip throughout the western world, China is showing signs of progress in its fight to contain the coronavirus.

The numbers have improved so drastically, China closed one of the 16 makeshift hospitals they constructed last month, FOX News reported.

As of March 9, China had 80,735 confirmed cases. That number includes those who have recovered and those who have passed away.

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When separated, China has 58,600 confirmed recoveries and 3,119 deaths, according to a real-time tracker provided by Johns Hopkins University.

Worldwide, there are 111,405 confirmed cases. Although 3,892 of them did not survive, more than 62,000 have already recovered.

But it is important to remember it is possible to recover from the virus and fall ill from it again.

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Last month, a woman in Japan who had beaten the virus became infected a second time. Even so, cases such as hers are rare and do not appear to be widespread.

This story was reported from Atlanta.