Coronavirus-inspired 'Wuhan Shake' replaces handshakes in social media footage

A potential pandemic may have citizens adopting new behaviors, if a viral video clip is to be believed.

Footage on social media is demonstrating how people in coronavirus-affected areas may soon be greeting each other without touching hands. The greeting is described in the video as the Wuhan Shake, named after the city where COVID-19 was first identified.

The footage was uploaded to Twitter by a user with the name V_actually, though it is unclear whether this was the original source. But whatever the original intent for the video was, V-actually purported it to be footage of men in China who found "another way to greet."

“People in China found another way to greet since they can't shake hands,” she wrote. “The Wuhan Shake. I love how people can adapt and keep a sense of humor about stressful situations.”

The tweet has garnered over 1,600 reactions and hundreds of comments.

“Feet are overlooked far too often these days,” wrote one amused user.

“Make sure you wash your feet and footwear too!” someone else advised.

Some seemingly positive news came out of Wuhan recently.

China closed one of the makeshift hospitals built in the area to deal with the outbreak on Monday. According to reports, new coronavirus cases have dipped in the country, although they do continue to rise on a worldwide scale.

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