Councilman Introduces Legislation to Expand Gender-Neutral Public Restrooms

Local leaders want all individual occupancy bathrooms citywide to be gender neutral.

If this legislation passes any single occupant bathroom will have to be identified as being available to everyone regardless of gender. The bill's sponsor Councilman Squilla says it's long overdue.

Philadelphia would be among the first and largest cities to take this step that has long been sought by the transgender community and the councilman said that's a good thing.

However,m everyone likes it. Critics on social media say that it's caving to the demands of a small group but most of the people FOX 29 spoke to agreed that it's a positive move.

The bill in its current form would mandate fines to any business that didn't fall in line within a certain period of time and councilman Squilla said he's confident the bill has the votes to pass council

This bill would only apply to single occupant bathrooms available to the public.