Daring bikers flood Vine Street Expressway

A slew of bikers were captured taking over a portion of a busy Philadelphia highway on Sunday afternoon.

It happened around 3:30 p.m. on I-676 near the 8th Street exit.

Police say the bikers were made up of a combination of adults and children. They traveled down 8th Street and have since dispersed, according to police.

No one was arrested. But if you were caught in that mess of traffic you have a 16-year-old to thank. The turnout was his birthday celebration.

"You ride around anywhere in the street you are going to see someone ride a pedal bike. It's like a sport to us," Corey told FOX 29.

If this is a sport than Corey Murray is Lebron James of biking in Philly. He's known as "One Way Corey" and has become the face of young bicyclists in the city. With 94,000 followers on Instagram Murray's videos show off his talents on 2 wheels.

No arrests were made and authorities say there is no indication that the bikers organized the highway takeover.

In November, Fox 29's Dave Schratweiser investigated local teenage riders after they continuously tested limits, weaving in and out of Philly traffic.

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