Delaware County crossing guard provides safety and smiles

A Delaware County crossing guard's unique approach to ushering pedestrians across the street has brought smiles to walkers and drivers alike.

On the corner of Steel Road and Furlong Avenue in Havertown, 71-year-old Mike McKay has become an icon in the community for wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and warmly greeting every passerby.

"If you can make someone smile you have done your job," said McKay.

McKay incorporated the Mickey Mouse hands after drivers started to take notice of them more than the stop sign at the intersection.

"I had some drivers stop and say that when they crest the hill the first thing they see is the gloves."

Locals now know McKay as "Mickey Hands," a moniker that fits well with his fun-loving approach to his job.

McKay's especially shines during the holidays, when he adds a Santa hat and Christmas lights to his uniform, and plays Christmas music from his truck.

"I wish people would keep the Christmas spirit all year round," said McKay. "It is one of the only times people are sincerely happy, when they say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays they mean it."

Whether he is greeting kids, adults, drivers or even dogs, McKay's joy is making people smile.

"I can't say it enough It does not cost you a penny to smile and wave at someone and sometimes it does make a difference," said McKay.