Delaware State Fair: ZZ Top concert, unique eats, a circus and more!

Need plans this weekend? The Delaware State Fair has the answer!

It's the perfect family outing with something for everyone: rides, food, games, shows and music!

Gates open at the Delaware State Fairgrounds every day at 8 a.m. until July 30 - with most vendors and entertainment starting around 11 a.m.

FOX 29's Jenn Frederick stopped by the fair on Wednesday to take in all the sights, sounds and smells.

First stop - the livestock stables where, Jenn got to pet an award-winning pig!

If you're looking for a show, stop by Circus Hollywood to witness some seriously impressive stunts.

And in between all the games and rides, find some time for a sweet treat! Jenn made herself a cannoli sundae at one of many food trucks at the fair!

Finally, end your night on a musical note! The fair is hosting a concert almost every night, with ZZ Top taking center stage Wednesday night.

For more information about tickets, time and all the events, check out the Delaware State Fair website.