Drexel Adds Therapy Dog as Staff Member on Campus

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WTXF) - Drexel has added a pup as a staff member in an effort to improve students' experiences on campus.

Jersey is currently a therapy dog for student's hat has office hours two days a week. His office is located on the third floor of the student recreation center.

The pup was adopted in June 2014 by Kathryn Formica, student fitness and wellness program coordinator at Drexel.

Formica says when she first approached other staff members; they were hesitant to have a dog on campus as a staff member.

"At first, I didn't think anyone would grasp on. I did get a few looks, are you being serious? Once everyone got on board and really saw the program and what it could do, I think it really proves itself now," said Formica.

After coming to agreement that having a dog on campus was a good idea, the pup went through two months of intense training to be certified as an official therapy dog.

"I really got lucky with him because he is so smart," said Formica.

The students also seem to think that the pup is a great addition to the Drexel University and that he relives stress.

"Just so sweet. He makes me forget about absolutely everything that makes me grumpy," said Luisana Van Den Bussche, a sophomore at Drexel.

Dan Resnic, a senior at the university also said, "So if you want to take a break, always come here, pet him, make him smile. He's got the most beautiful smile and just relax. He really calms you down."

The loving canine can be seen around campus and on social media when he's not in the office.

He also has his own Facebook page titled, "Jersey Dog" and a Twitter account titled, "Jersey Therapy" to encourage healthy lifestyles.

"He gets paid in love and health insurance which you know, no one can complain about benefits," said Formica.