Drug cartel sanctioned by U.S. Treasury Department over rainbow fentanyl

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has sanctioned the drug cartel La Nueva Familia Michoacana and its leaders for producing large amounts of rainbow fentanyl.

Johnny and Jose Hurtado Olascoaga are part of the Mexico-based operation that has been increasing rainbow-colored fentanyl production and distribution throughout the United States, among other deadly drugs.

Rainbow fentanyl is sold in pill and powdered forms, and its bright colors and candy-esque design are used to attract children and young users.

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"Today’s action targets the leadership of one of the most violent and depraved drug cartels," said Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian E. Nelson. "Not only does this cartel traffic fentanyl, which claimed the lives of more than 71, 000 Americans last year, it now markets rainbow fentanyl as part of a deliberate effort to drive addiction amongst kids and young adults."

The La Nueva Familia Michoacana cartel operates in approximately 35 Mexican municipalities and counting. In addition to fentanyl, the group illegally imports methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine into the U.S.

Johnny "El Pescado" and Jose "El Fresa" Hurtado are two of the most wanted criminals in Mexico. The attorney general’s office offers up to half a million pesos for information leading to their arrest.

Under American law, Johnny Hurtado has been a fugitive for more than twenty years due to two federal charges of attempted possession and distribution of cocaine he acquired in 2000.

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