Egg Harbor Township booting year-round residents from seasonal living community

Egg Harbor Township has decided to boot residents staying year-round at the River Resort Vacation Home Community, leaving many to wonder where they will go.

Township officials have cited an old ordinance which prevents year-round living at the River Resort. Residents blindsided by the township's ruling say the land owner and real estate agents told them they could stay year-round.

"I started crying immediately because I didn’t understand,” said resident Kathleen Olli.

During a meeting Wednesday night, Egg Harbor Township officials blamed the land owner who they say knew of the strict seasonal living rules all along.

The land owner's lawyer, Lori Greenberg, says the leases signed by residents clearly states that the homes at River Resort are not supposed to be used as a main residence. Greenberg says for 43 years the Township has not enforced the rule and people have subsequently been living in the community.

Meanwhile, the township has given over 40 families until Nov. 1 to move out.

“I haven’t really thought about where I’m going to go yet, because I’m hoping it doesn’t happen," Olli said. "I’m hoping the Township can do something for us, that we don’t have to leave."

During the meeting, residents asked the township committee if they could be grandfathered in as residents of the community, but officials declined the request.

“I’m scared I’m going to lose my home and I’m not going to have nowhere to go," Olli said.