Evesham Township urges residents to install surveillance cameras to help solve crimes

It's the neighborhood watch of the 21st century. Instead of sitting on your porch or looking out the window, police want you to let technology do the work. They say a single surveillance camera can help solve a lot of crimes.

During Thursday night's Evesham Township Watch meeting, it was all about cameras.

Within hours of a crime, doorbell video of a February burglary in Evesham's Ravencliff neighborhood spread like wildfire on social media. Video that helped police make an arrest just days later.

"The way we are able to catch the burglars is people that had surveillance cameras," Evesham Township Police Chief Chris Crew said.

Chief Crew spent the night encouraging residents to invest in this kind of technology. They've been proven not only to solve crimes but also deterring them.

They say as cameras get better and cheaper more and more police departments--like Evesham-- have started a surveillance camera registry for property owners to help police track down footage faster.

The cameras are eyes on the street that never blink. The more neighbors get involved, the more criminals stay away.

"We serve as eyes and ears for the police department. As you know the police department cannot be everywhere every second, every day," George Tencza with Evesham Township Watch.