Family of 7-year-old girl killed in murder-suicide to meet with Gov. Wolf

A family is demanding change. They want to make sure what happened to 7-year old Kayden Mancuso never happens to any child ever again.

Little Kayden died at the hands of a murderer. Police say the killer was her biological father. Kayden's mom and stepdad believe biological parents shouldn't have the right to be with their children if they have a history of violence.

"I still feel like it's not real--like I'm going to see her again. I guess that's really what keeps me going."

It has been one agonizing month since Kathy Sherlock lost her precious and vibrant 7-year-old daughter Kayden Mancuso to the hands of her biological father in a Manayunk murder-suicide.

"I just want to talk to her, I want to see her. I want to do things that we did. Knowing that I'm never going to do that again has probably been the hardest," Kathy explained.

As she and Kayden's stepdad Brian Sherlock wear Kayden's hats, they think ahead to their meeting with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Friday where they will call for action.

"It feels like everyone that I went to nobody listened to a word I said so hopefully he's willing to listen to us. Hear us out, hear our story out, hear what went wrong and go from there," she said.

The Sherlocks will be pushing for something they call Kayden's Law, which is a series of reforms that would bar biological parents with a history of violence from having access to their their children.

Kathy says that was the problem with Kayden's biological father Jeffrey Mancuso who Philadelphia Police say killed Kayden and then himself.

"Everyone wants to just keep pushing blame off of everybody and no one wants to actually take a look and see what actually went wrong. Let's fix it. Let's fix what went wrong," she said.

She says she pleaded with a Bucks County judge to keep her ex from ever seeing Kayden before the ultimate tragedy happened.

Brian found Kayden's body.

"The images are still very vivid in my head. I can't get rid of them," he said.

The Sherlocks don't want anyone else to have to live that horror and hope Friday's meeting with Gov. Wolf could be the beginning of a national wave of change.

"Our children's rights should come before ours. That's really what it is--keeping kids safe," Kathy said.