Family of Vietnam War veteran hopes to honor loved one

The widow of a military veteran wants to honor his service, but $200 later she says she's still waiting for the tribute she was promised.

Drive down Hatboro's main business district on York Road and you can't miss them--banners paying tribute to deceased military veterans who have called the borough home. It's a particularly fitting way to honor veterans of the Vietnam War.

"He wished that they got the same welcome home that the veterans get now," Tracey Murphy told FOX 29.

Veterans like Bill Linck whose daughter Tracey and wife Dianne wanted to honor his service in the Vietnam War as an engineer in 1965. He died in 2015. A 'Hometown Heroes' banner seemed like a great idea.

"I talked it over with my kids and we all agreed let's do it," widow Dianne Linck said.

The program, which is run through the Hatboro Chamber of Commerce requires a $200 payment and a quality photo of the veteran in uniform. Linck says they sent off the photo and by early June, learned their check had been cashed, but since then there's been silence.

FOX 29's Bruce Gordon went to the chamber office-- no one was there-- so he called the president listed on their website as Tim Shultz and left a message.

The family says they were told there might be a wait until enough orders could be placed. But more than 4 months after their check was cashed, they don't even know when to expect to see the tribute they've already paid for.