Fans vent about Eagles poor performance

A tough loss at Lincoln Financial Field, as the Eagles blew a 17-0 lead over the Carolina Panthers in the 4th quarter. Carolina scored all of their game winning 21 points with a minute to spare.

Eagles players celebrating too early, dancing in the end zone, had social media abuzz.

Many fans called the game snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The Eagles have four losses and that is more than they had all of last year. They are in third place in the NFC East. After the Super Bowl win, expectations were high.

"That offensive coordinator should be fired. It happened in Tennessee, the same thing. He got guys playing…he's got guys playing ten yards off the ball. They only need ten yards for a first down. Not happening. Very, very poor play calling defensively," said fan Stephen Waldman.

"Horrible. Horrible. Just gotta keep on trying, though, see how it comes out," said Tom Donahue.
"Optimistic about the playoffs?" asked Fox 29's Brad Sattin.
"Yeah, still. They're not out of it yet," Donahue replied.

"I've been a birds fan all my life. I'll be a birds fan till I die, but something's gotta be done," said Jeremiah Osler.

"They didn't show up in the second half. They went in and went on vacation, I guess," stated Karen Overholt.