Former Allentown teacher arraigned for alleged inappropriate texts with 3 minors

A former Allentown teacher has been charged charged for alleged inappropriate contact with minor students at Whitehall High School.

Authorities say it happened back in October of 2016, when the Whitehall Township police department was contacted by the school district after the parents of a minor student told them about alleged inappropriate contact with their daughter and David Andrew Borghesani, 29, of Northampton.

According to police, Borghesani was a teacher at the time of the accusation, but resigned in February 2017.

When police interviewed the victim, a current student of Borghesani's, she told them that her and Borghesani were communicating over Snapchat for more than a year.

According to the victim's interview, there were no inappropriate messages at the beginning of their communication. But in August of 2016, she told police that Borghesani had sent her several explicit photos.

After further investigation, officers learned of a second potential victim. They say the second victim began communicating through Snapchat in 2016 when she, too, was a minor.

Police say the second victim allegedly exchanged 'numerous nude photos' during the summer of 2016 and that Borghesani also sent her an explicit video.

Then, police learned of a third potential victim, another former student of Borghesani's. After interviewing the third victim, it is alleged that she was a minor student of Borghesani's when he sent her several nude photos of himself through Snapchat.

Authorities say 29-year-old David Andrew Borghesani is facing one count of unlawful contact with a minor, a felony of the third degree, and corruption of minors, a misdemeanor. Borghesani will be arraigned Tuesday.