Former official, girlfriend accused of abusing unconscious woman

A former Pennsylvania township official and his girlfriend spiked a woman's drink and used a hidden camera to take sexually explicit photographs of her while she was unconscious, according to police and prosecutors.

There was no answer at the home of Lawrence Weinstein--the 44-year-old former township supervisor arrested in a startling videotape, sex scheme.

The Bucks County DA says working with his girlfriend, Kelly Drucker, Weinstein directed Drucker to spike the drink of a township employee while at a restaurant and bring her to Drucker's home.

"Get her to the point of impairment to take advantage of her sexually while capturing it on film," DA Weintraub said.

"...get her naked and get door open..." He's alleged to have written in texts obtained by prosecutors.

Weinstein--who recently resigned from the Board of Supervisors--and Drucker are charged with multiple felony counts of illegal use of a webcam and other recording devices.

Investigators also allege the probe turned up photos of Weinstein sexually assaulting an unconscious woman back in 2012.