Former Philly Firefighter's Kitch-n-Collectables Is A City Treasure Chest

Owner Rich Borris of Kitch-n-Collectables in Roxborough has a lot of stuff, a mixture of classic, kitchen items blenders, mixers, hand mixers, coffee grinders, percolators, juicers rebuilt for sale.

"Its kind of walking into the store you grew up with," Borris said.

The former Philadelphia firefighter began collecting and repairing old appliances when he retired.

"I was raised by two depression-era parents you didn't throw things out. You didn't get rid of things." Borris told FOX 29's Bill Roher.

After Collecting two huge storage containers full of vintage products, he opened a store.

There has been a suggestion that I should charge a museum entrance, A sort-of history lesson with every piece.

"You would be amazed at the crap I know," Borris revealed. He says the Manufacturing in this country has stumbled, and doesn't see it getting better.

"I am disappointed that we have accepted less quality, we are willing to settle. We go out and look at a toaster today and its plastic."

For the past 3 years, People come from all over to buy stuff people just overlooked.

The quality is just not just there anymore. It is all about saving a buck.

If you appliances aren't your thing, Rich has about 8000 copies of Life magazine.

The hardest one to find is right there. The 1952 Marilyn Monroe is in great condition.

"Its a way of looking back. Looking back at a time when they said it was simpler, but it wasn't simpler everything just worked." Borris said.