Frustration, anger over Ridley Park soccer field vandalism

In Delaware County, families are frustrated after somebody vandalized a field where hundreds of kids play. It's so bad, a game had to be canceled Saturday.

Tracks were made Friday night by a lawn mower or a tractor. Authorities want whoever did this to come forward.

"I'm goalie and defense and striker," said 11-year-old Chris Capozzoli.

Capozzoli has spent hours wearing out his cleats on Catania Field in Ridley Park. Anyone can imagine the sixth grader found it tough to understand why someone would do it.

The Ridley United Soccer Club says someone turfed the field where its 700 youth players practice and play.

"It's pretty bad. This is our main practice field for the fall season. It's the only field that has lights. We depend on this field. So, for us to see this, it's pretty disheartening," said parent and coach Chris Capozzoli.

"It's not nice. They shouldn't have done this," added 11-year-old Capozzoli.

"We try to keep it up. We try to give our kids a place to play," said Club President Chuck Catania. "My two uncles and my father it's really named after. They were pretty involved in the county," he added.

This is personal for Catania. He thinks the damage happened late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

"We were here yesterday late lining the field and it wasn't like this," Catania went on.

He's not sure it was intentional. The track marks look almost as though they were made by a tractor or lawn mower. But, no one has come forward to take the blame.

After the club posted about the alleged turfing on Facebook, people came out of the woodwork to donate their time and labor to undo the damage.

"We'll get it fixed. We'll be back here playing. We'll keep going. That's all. Angry earlier, but not anymore," Catania said
"What changed?" asked Fox 29's Sabina Kuriakose.
"Time. People stepping up and going to fix it for us. Community coming together to take care of it for us," replied Catania.