George H.W. Bush's final words: "I love you"

Former President George H.W. Bush had a "very gentle and peaceful passing," according to one of his closest friends.

Bush died on Friday at his home in Houston at the age of 94.

Former Secretary of State James Baker, who was with Bush during his last moments, said he was surrounded by his son Neil and his wife Maria, Baker's wife Susan, his rector from St. Martin's Episcopal Church, doctors, and others who took care of him in his later years.

Baker described Friday as a sweet day, in which arrangements were made for each of Bush's children to call and tell him goodbye.

"The last words George Bush ever said were, I love you. And he said those words to 43, George Bush -- President George Bush 43, who had called in to say, 'Dad, I love you, I will see you on the other side.'

"And President Bush said, 'I love you.'

"And those were his last words."