GIVING TUESDAY: Donations help Phoenix boy get treatment for rare cancer

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is known as "Giving Tuesday": a chance for the community to give back, and donate to charitable organizations.

Millions of people depend on the donations, including a Phoenix boy who is able to receive groundbreaking treatment for a rare form of cancer at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Pediatric Physical Therapist Natalia Jeschin had only good things to say about Kendrick Taylor.

"Kendrick has an abundance of energy," said Jeschin.

Kendrick might be the happiest two-year-old in Phoenix, but from day one, kendrick has been facing a tough battle head on.

"He doesn't stop," said Kendrick's mother Angela. "He fights and it's his drive. Having all of that energy forces him to succeed in everything that he tries to do."

Kendrick has a rare form of cancer called Myxoid Sarcoma. Currently, he is the only child in the country suffering from this form of spinal cancer. For two years, the Taylors have watched their little ball of energy make progress.

"The growth of the tumor has been suppressed at this point, with this experimental drug that he's been on," said Kendrick's father, Devin. "That's a win, because going in again to try and remove the tumor could cause more harm."

There is no cure for the cancer, and experts at the Phoenix Children's Hospital said chemotherapy and radiation are not options. That, however, is not stopping Kendrick from fighting hard to be like his big brother, three-year-old Jax.

"Jax comes to our sessions quite a bit, which is really nice because he's a great motivator for Kendrick," saud Jeschin.

"He is always wanting to do someyhing and play, and be just like his big brother," said Angela.

"He's just excited, " said Devin. "He always wants to run around and play with his brother."

Kendrick, however, can't run around yet. As the fight goes on,however, the little fighter brings hope to his mom and dad, every single day.

"He doesn't give up," said Devin. "It's pretty awesome."

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