Good Samaritans save 77-year-old woman from house fire

When a woman became trapped in her home during a fire, two strangers acted courageously to save her life.

Ben Hogan and Joshua Ellis were driving when they noticed a duplex in flames, and a 77-year-old woman hanging out the window.

The two friends quickly called 911 and ran to the woman, creating a human ladder to help her down.

Ben's son, who was present during the incident, said his dad "literally just jumped out of the car and just rushed to the house."

When firefighters arrived just a few minutes later, the whole upper level of the duplex was shooting flames.

Ben and Joshua smashed the window and pulled the lady down to safety. All three remained uninjured.

Assistant Fire Chief Roy Cochran said, "You certainly wouldn't want to recommend everyone to do this. It very easily could have flashed and then they and the woman could have been enveloped in a giant ball of flames."

However, Cochran is grateful for these two heroes.

"When it's done and over with and the reality sets in, it's extremely humbling and it makes you extremely grateful," said Ben. "I'm grateful I was able to help."