Graphic details revealed during trial of slain Temple University student Jenna Burleigh

The trial of slain Temple University student, Jenna Burleigh, continues. On the stand Tuesday morning, a police DNA expert linked swabs taken from Jenna Burleigh to accused killer, Joshua Hupperterz.

Tissue taken from under the victim's fingernails were also linked to Hupperterz.

Jurors saw text messages from Hupperterz' ex-roommate Jack Miley who writes to a friend after the killing that investigators have told him Hupperterz was the last person seen with Burleigh missing at the time.

"I think our prosecutors have done a good job today," said Ed Burleigh, Jenna's father.

Also on the stand, Philadelphia's medical examiner who said the 22-year-old Temple University student was strangled to death...

The jury was shown graphic pictures of the autopsy, in which the medical examiner reported Burleigh was beaten about the face, struck on the head with a heavy object, stabbed and bitten on the arm.

"DNA under her nails is going to hook to my client. He had physical relations with her," explained defense attorney David Nenner. "My client is scratched because there was a struggle between the two of them. I said that in my opening statement"

Prosecutors allege Hupperterz killed Burleigh after she rebuffed a sex act with him in late August 2017 in his North Philadelphia apartment.

Hupperterz has admitted to moving the body to his grandmother's Poconos home to hide it but claims former roommateJack Miley is the killer...

Gina Hupperterz, the mother of the accused, ignored questions and slipped back into the courthouse Tuesday.

As the case near an end, her son has spoken repeatedly to his lawyer often motioning with his hands.

The prosecution may rest soon, but not before calling Jenna Burleigh's father.