Hank's Take: Philly #4 on list of annoying neighbors

You can pick your friends, but not your neighbors. Sometimes those people you live next to or near can perhaps be a little annoying.

FOX 29's Hank Flynn has the story.

Philly somehow comes in 4th on a list of cities with annoying neighbors put out by ValueWalk.com- ahead of New York and LA but somehow behind Dallas, Miami and Austin. It's a long list of annoyances, including loud music, loud voices and loud partying. Parking is #4 and Philly leads the way.

Etiquette expert Gail Madison thinks we just don't know how to live together anymore.

"We just don't have the same values that we used to have about caring for others. We've become rather narcissistic and self-absorbed," she said.

She adds that being kind is actually the best way out that it comes back to you times ten. It does ring true in the street though that what you give is what you get especially with the neighbors.