Hundreds of La Salle University students pack town hall meeting to discuss public safety

La Salle University leaders say approximately 300 students came out to a town hall meeting on Monday night to discuss safety.

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The meeting comes after students started a petition, with more than 2,000 signatures, calling on the campus to address their concerns about safety and provide more security. (Can link story from Friday)

School leaders say since January, there have been three thefts and attempted thefts, as well as four robberies, two at gunpoint, but all of the incidents have happened off campus.

In a meeting Monday night, they addressed their relationship with Philadelphia Police and their jurisdiction over any incidents off-campus, but some students felt there was no progress.

"We all went here thinking this was going to be addressed efficiently and it wasn't, a lot of people left out of angry," says Mia Morrelli, a junior.

"I do feel like it was all for publicity and they're not going to do much to change," says Jessica Nass, a freshman.

Reporters and camera crews were not allowed inside the meeting.

Afterward, the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Dawn Soufleris met with Fox 29.

"It was a tough conversation to have," she says.

She says she did address a number of students' concerns, including the comments that students replaced some of the contracted security that was once responsible for checking people into residence halls during the day. She says the change was a part of a pilot program to provide jobs for students.

They also spent a lot of time talking about on-campus versus off-campus police response.

"I think one of the tough messages that our students heard was that the Philadelphia Police department has to prioritize what they are responding to and that's not always going to make every student happy," Dr. Soufleris says.

When asked if there would be any definitive change from the concerns brought forth on Monday, Dr. Soufleris would only say the conversation is going to continue.

They asked for sign-ups for students to join their Public Advisory Committee to continue the discussion.