"I forgive him, let's all be better": Innocent man shot multiple times shares important message

A Philadelphia man who was the mistaken target of a hit-and-run shooting and is now paralyzed has offered forgiveness to the man who changed his life forever.

Jarel Tinsley was sitting in his car in front of his home last month when an unknown suspect approached his driver's side window and fire several shots from a handgun.

Tinsley was hit three times in the shoulder and three times in the chest. One bullet lodged in his spine.

Tinsley was rushed to the hospital and was listed under critical condition. The injuries, however, left Jarel paralyzed.

Tinsley's family claims that Jarel has no nefarious connections or past criminal involvement. Those closest to Jarel are convinced that the shooting was a planned attack but the shooter confused his target.

"[The suspected target and Jarel] have similar vans, his is a Dodge and the other person's is a Chrysler," said Jarel's brother, Jeremy Tinsley.

Jarel, described as a church-going family man, does not want to jump to revenge for the crime against him. Instead, Tinsley has looked to forgiveness.

"God is forgiving," said Jarel. "You know how many mistakes I have made in my life and I'm still here and I still have an opportunity for life."

The Tinsley family has posted a GoFund Me page to help pay for Jarel's increasing medical bills and the care of his children.

While Jarel is appreciative of the financial support, he has a bigger message to the community and the person who altered his life forever.

"We gotta forgive, we gotta love and we gotta be better."