Jalen Mills arrest poses questions for Philadelphia Eagles management

Philadelphia Eagles Jalen Mills has made a name for himself here in Philadelphia, but he made headlines in Washington D.C. where he was arrested for allegedly fighting in a public place.

Police in the nation's capital say the 25-year-old cornerback has been charged in connection with an alleged fight with a member of the Washington Wizards.

"It's a tough situation. Who knows what actually happened? We don't know the details," said Eagles fan Ryan McKage.

Police say Mills and Washington Wizard Devin Robinson were arguing outside a D.C. nightclub and the fight turned physical.

The 6'8," 200 pound Robinson was treated at a hospital and released. Both professional athletes were then charged with fighting in public.

"I think we, as the public, and the media, we are too quick to jump to conclusions before we know the story," Eagles fan Ryan Hammonds stated.

Philadelphia fans had been watching the 76ers game when they heard about Mills' arrest.

"I'm behind Jalen and he's done a lot for the city and the team. He has my support. I hope it turns out he was not in the wrong," Hammonds added.

While the Wizards released Robinson after news of his arrest, the Eagles issued a statement saying:

"The Philadelphia Eagles are aware of the situation involving defensive back Jalen Mills and are continuing to gather more information."

"That's a tough question. The Wizards let him go because he doesn't really play for them. Jalen, they probably need him around, but if he got arrested, I don't think that we need him to start," Bill Biffel said.

"What he did is not responsible, but I'll back him as a fan," McKage said.

The investigation is in its primary stages and the Eagles are waiting to hear more before making any further statement or taking action against Mills.