Local first responders head south for Hurricane Michael

First responders from the Philadelphia area are once again preparing to head south to help with hurricane relief.

Just days after some crews returned home after spending 19 days helping in the wake of Hurricane Florence, they're packing back up and bracing for the next storm.

A task force from Pennsylvania hit the road Tuesday night to head for Alabama, where they will team up with another task force from New Jersey, and wait to be called into action.

The elite group of urban rescuers, paramedics, and search dogs will arrive in Alabama sometime Wednesday afternoon. They'll ride out the hurricane in a local air force base, then get to work helping in swift water rescues.

"For the most part the initial hurricane isn't always the biggest concern. It's the surge. And we're talking right on the coastline. And the surge is what traps most folks," explained Deputy Commissioner Craig Murphy of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Less than two weeks ago. this was the team arriving home from a deployment for hurricane Florence. They spent nearly three weeks helping save dozens of people from floodwaters.

Now they're preparing for at least another two-week deployment 1,100 miles away from home.

45 team members are riding in 12 trucks, bringing filled boats, satellite phones, cots, food and water. They're hoping they're services won't be needed when they get there, but chances are they will.