Local Republicans vote against AHCA

President Trump is one step closer to fulfilling a key campaign promise as house republicans vote to repeal Obamacare, despite resistance from local Republicans.

But the American Health Care Act has a long way to go before it can become law.

While the bill calls for funding to help offset high premiums for the seriously ill, it's unclear how much they could still suffer financially.

Despite a number of questions and long way to go in the senate, President Trump was happy with yesterday's outcome, inviting all who voted 'yes' to the Rose Garden to celebrate a win.

The bill gives the states more flexibility to reduce premiums for the healthy.

The bill limits Medicaid expansion and includes a refundable tax credit for those who do not receive insurance from their employer, and it would de-fund Planned Parenthood for one year, blocking more than $500 million federal dollars.

Members of the senate will now have the opportunity to play with the bill and make revisions, before issuing a vote.

For the moment, Republican leaders are feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Here's the breakdown of Thursday's votes:

All 217 'Yes' votes came from Republicans, with 20 Republicans voting against the bill.

Seven of those 'No' votes came from Republicans from Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Pennsylvania's no votes include Ryan Costello, Charlie Dent, Brian Fitzpatrick, and Pat Meehan.

In New Jersey, the no votes included Frank LoBiondo, Leonard Lance, and Chris Smith.

A handful of local Republicans voted yes, including Lou Barletta, Mike Kelly, Lloyd Smucker, and Tom MacArthur.

Initially, the President threatened Republicans who opposed the bill, suggesting they'd face a challenge in the 2018 primaries.

Trump later relaxed his tactics, letting conservative and moderate Republicans talk it out, while he was just a phone call away, which he feels worked out pretty well.